Name Lamia

Position Warrant Officer


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Deltan
Age 35
Date of Birth 2226
Place of Birth Sokora, Dhei (Delta IV)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Hair Color None
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description A woman of great poise and posture who carries herself with a steady self-confidence and a bit of arrogant swagger. She is a slender woman, but meets the ideal beauty of her civilization's cultural beauty standards albeit she is older than her youthful exuberance alludes to. She stands just an inch or two shy of six feet in height which makes her taller than the majority of human females and even above average for human males. Her tall and prim and proper posture can make her seem physically intimidating were it not for the thinness and petite feminine figure. She is not curvy per se, but rather angular and asymmetrical.


Spouse Not Permitted
Children None

Other Relationships

Personality & Traits

General Overview A highly charming temptress of a woman, Lamia chose Starfleet because she knew what she had to offer would go to waste on her home world, not because her home world was lacking in opportunities, but rather because she was destined to be sailing through the celestial bodies. Her mind is analytical. Lamia studies regularly and is very devoted to her studies but whereas some individuals become withdrawn socially, Lamia still has been able to maintain a good grasp of social skills and proper etiquette in social settings. Her high intelligence is not a simple matter of her as an individuals, but a mixture of her individual giftedness on the backs of her species as a whole.

Lamia is a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to get it no matter the cost. Though she sympathetic to those around her and does genuinely care about others, Lamia's drive and self-pride has propelled her to want to be the very best she can be and if that is at the expense of others, so be it. This sort of mindset and behavior was exactly what drove her away from home and pushed her into joining Starfleet. Back home on Dehi (Delta IV) her outlook on life and neglect for the well-being of others would have hindered her in almost any career she chose to pursue. Deltans took the care and well-being of others very seriously, especially those from other worlds who were extremely limited to visiting Dehi due to the natural pheromones of the Deltan species.

The word sultry is often used to describe Lamia as a woman, but her beauty and charm are just aesthetically appealing to the men and women from other worlds who find her foreign appearance alluring. This attraction is also induced by the Deltan pheromones which though significantly suppressed through inoculations given to others and an inhibitor given to the Deltan subject, the pheromones are so strong that they are not entirely rendered inert.
Strengths, Weaknesses, and Quirks Strengths: Lamia's strengths lie within S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and though she most certainly does not have a mastery of all of those separately, she does gave a good general understanding and fundamental building blocks in her mind of them as a whole. When it comes to technology, Lamia can operate various stations of a Federation starship as a relief officer if ordered to do so and when necessary during a shortage or emergency situation. General starship knowledge was covered in her Starfleet training. Likewise, she knows the basic principles of engineering and warp theory. She has a better understanding of the actual physics of it than the nitty-gritty components of an engine. She is not by any means an engineering officer, but she could act as an engineer's mate in an emergency. She knows her way around a tool kit. However, she finds engineering to be incredibly unorganized, chaotic, and messy. She wants none of that. Science and Mathematics are Lamia's truest assets. She has studied the stellar sciences and mathematics extensively, crafting herself a proficient astrophysicist.

Weaknesses: Does not “play well” with others very easily. Lamia has a tendency to assert herself into a position of authority even if she was not intended to be. This does rub people the wrong way, but she is often effective in the role she assumes. She will not, however, become insubordinate or disobedient when put into her place or in a situation where a clear and evident hierarchy is firmly established. She has a tendency to not exactly lie yet not exactly tell the complete truth. She will sugar coat things and not be very forth coming with information unless it is absolutely necessary. She absolutely hates having to report her findings when they are inconclusive or unfinished. She will intentionally got out of her way to push a report back or delay reporting something until she has something of significance to report because she fears being viewed negatively if she has not yet solved the problem or finished the equation.

Quirks: Has a very low alcohol tolerance and it is absolutely essential that she avoid indulging herself out of risk that she will lose control of herself and break her oath of celibacy. She is also moderately germaphobic and will not often shake hands with non-Deltans. She fears being aboard a Federation starship will result in her getting sick. She often wears gloves to avoid direct skin to skin physical contact with individuals.
Ambitions Lamia's primary ambition is to prove that she is as good as she believes she is and earning recognition and praise whilst doing so. She has her eyes set on becoming a Department Head someday soon, and is waiting to seize the opportunity when it feels right for her to do so. She had no interest at this time at taking the Captain's Chair, but overtime she may become driven to do so. For the time being, however, Command is not on her immediate radar.
Hobbies, Interests, Likes, and Dislikes Lamia loves music and the theatre, she has studied Earth's and other civilization's performing arts extensively and any chance she gets to attend a theatre performance or a concert she will attend. Her interest in music has lead her at trying her hand at several instruments, but none have quite spoken to her as the Vulcan harp does. She has only had a couple of years experience with playing it, but is already quite good. However, Vulcan instructors say she puts way too much emotion and passion into her performance. She has even taken to composing several original pieces.

Other than the performing arts, Lamia enjoys sculpting and throwing clay in her spare time. It started as something to try and has ended up being one of the few things besides a good soaking in a tub of hot water and soap bubbles that relaxes her. She loves to read literary pieces from various worlds and has a fondness for poetry. She absolutely dislikes getting dirty in that she always strives to look her best, well put together, and can come off as being very hoity-toity and patronizing. She was a pampered child and still has that deeply ingrained in her personality that she's better than most people, especially if she finds them intellectually inferior.
Languages Known Dheinish and Andorian
Medical profile Is tightly bound by Starfleet ethical conduct and subjected to routine medical checkups and regular doses of a pheromone inhibitor. Lamia is otherwise a perfectly healthy Deltan female as far as the Federation medical knowledge on Deltans is concerned.
Psychological Profile She is psychologically fit for duty, but has been flagged for anankastic personality tendencies as well as histrionic and narcissistic tendencies. These are not uncommon among humans and any other species when an individual is devoted to their work. It may potentially be problematic if they flare up, but for the time being she has been cleared to serve.
Defining Quotes and/or Character Beliefs When joining Starfleet, Lamia like any Vulcan who had joined before her (only a few) and those who would join after her would have to undergo constant medical checkups. There's a need for regular inhibitors to counteract the natural produced pheromones of the Deltan species. At certain times, Lamia may need to be isolated from the crew due to her pheromones being heightened. It's the one thing about serving aboard a starship with non-Deltans that Lamia hates. She hates the “special treatments” medical staff have to give her as well as the oath of celibacy she had to take when joining Starfleet. It was of course for the good and safety of the crew, but the potential of going five years without intimacy feels like a death sentence to her.

Personal History The planet of Dhei (Delta IV) is comprised of several continents of land and various island archipelagos. Due to the inhospitable ecology on Dhei, the inhabitants of the various continents and other masses of land unified long ago in Deltan history. Through centuries of breeding and genetic diversification, there are many different looking Deltans living on Dhei with a variety of skin tones. Lamia was born in 2226 on the Sokora archipelago in the south western hemisphere of the planet. Many of her ancestors came from this region and very little breeding outside of the Sokora archipelago natives which has resulted in Lamia retaining the genetics for darker skin. She was born and raised on Sokora archipelago, but immigrated to one of the mainlands as a teenager.

She attended the Lta Women's Academy for Science on Dhei where she majored in Astrophysics and minored in gender and sexuality studies. The stars had always fascinated her ever since she was a little girl. Her mother was a healer (Deltan equivalent to a medical physician) and her father was a astrologist who would be gone for several months on end as he was part of the crew of a Deltan science vessel. When Lamia was old enough she was able to join him on the vessel for small expeditions. She aspired to father in her father's footfalls, and so she did. In 2248, graduating fifth in her graduating class with honors, Lamia had her pick of places to go to pursue a graduate degree program on Dhei, as the Lamia's world had yet to join the United Federation of Planets. It would not be until 2251 that with the help of the Vulcans and Denobulans that Delta was admitted into the Federation.

Lamia opted to pursue her graduate degree at Lta Women's Academy for Science. She would finish her degree in 2250 and went on to work for one of the Dhei observatories. She stayed employed at the observatory for several years becoming a capable astrologist on Dhei. She would later go on to work as a curator for the Deltan Aeroscience Science Museum. She left her position of curator in order to pursue an advanced degree in her field. Lamia was admitted to a program at the Federation's Corgal Institute on Corgal II. She spent several years attending Corgal Institute chipping away on her doctoral degree; However she had more research she could do before tackling the capstone assignment to polish off her research paper. She was required to make a great contribution to Astrophysics or Stellar Sciences in order to meet the requirements for the program.

Lamia was not a Starfleet Academy graduate, and though Starfleet was not something Lamia had ever looked at, she knew that she could use Starfleet as a means to an end. She contacted the Federation Science Council who in turn re-directed her to the Office of Starfleet Science Operations. After weeks of paperwork and proof of her credentials and academic transcripts from Dhei, the Secretary of Starfleet granted Lamia a Starfleet service warrant. As a warrant officer in Starfleet, Lamia would serve aboard a Federation starship, station, or outpost facility. She would have duties in whichever she were assigned to and have an actual position aboard with all the duties, responsibilities, and privileges hereto; However she would also be permitted time for her research and studies in order to eventually finish he doctorates. Lamia was ultimately assigned to the USS Legacy, Constitution class starship within the Legacy's Science Department.
Service Record 2261: USS Legacy - Warrant Officer - Science Division