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Posted on Fri Mar 1st, 2019 @ 12:16am by Commander Cynthia Jackson & Vivyra & Lieutenant Commander Charlotte Hudson & Lieutenant Jane Sinclair MD, DVM

Mission: Mission 2 - Love ORION Mistaken
Location: Medbay
Timeline: 2261.223 0755

Jane came into sickbay early to check on her new patient. The yet-unidentified Orion woman was still unconscious following her rescue and their medical intervention. Jane and Alec treated her wounds, especially those nasty arm burns. She spent time in the imaging chamber, which helped restore her lungs, during which time she was put under. She hadn’t woken up yet after her treatment.

Jane checked her vitals. She was stable, but asleep. It was just a matter of waiting until she woke up on her own.

She wouldn’t need to wait long. The Orion woman’s eyelids began to flutter open. Jane moved towards her and crouched close. “Hey,” said Jane, softly. “It’s alright. Can you tell me your name?”

The Orion girl looked at Jane and blinked her eyes at Jane in an almost flirtatious way. "Uh, um, where am I?" she asked. "Is this a dream?" Her voice had a celestial tune to it. "I am sorry. I did not answer your question first. I am Vivyra," she replied. "And you are?" Her eyelashes fluttered at Jane again.

Jane smiled at the young woman. “My name is Doctor Jane Sinclair. But you can call me Jane. You’re aboard the Federation starship Legacy. We beamed you from your ship when it was attacked. Excuse me a second.” She moved to the comm panel on the nearby desk. “Sickbay to Bridge. Please notify the Captain that our guest is awake.” She moved back to Vivyra and smiled sweetly. “How are you feeling? Any pain?” She gently squeezed Vivyra's hand to help reassure her.

Normally, women had to fight through pheromones of Orion women, as they tended to encourage men and discourage women but Jane felt no such negative reaction. If anything, she felt more kindly towards Vivyra when she squeezed the Orion's hand.

The Orion woman stretched and said, "I feel like I've slept for days. I'm a bit stiff."

Cindy's voice came over the comm, =^= I am glad to hear that our visitor is awake. I will be down there soon. =^+

Vivyra asked, "Who was that, Jane? Should I be concerned? I was just looking for amnesty...."

“It’s okay,” Jane assured her. “That’s my Captain, and she’s the one with the power to give you amnesty. She’ll probably want to know who you are and what happened. You’ve been asleep about twenty hours. You had severe burns on your arms and your lungs were damaged by smoke, but I believe we repaired the damage. I’m just going to give you a scan to make sure, okay?”

The Orion nodded, touching Jane's hand softly again. "I'm going to be alright, aren't I?"

Jane blushed at Vivyra’s touch. She reached for her tricorder with her other hand and slowly passed it over the Orion’s lithe form. Breaking eye contact to look at the readout, she nodded at the young woman and smiled. “I think you’ll be just fine.”

Cindy strode into the medbay, hoping that Bec was coming in soon. She moved up to Jane and smiled at Jane and Vivyra and asked, "So, who do we have here?"

Vivyra spoke softly and submissively. "I am Vivyra, Captain."

"Please! Call me Cindy. What brings you here, Vivyra."

"I'm seeking amnesty, Ca, er, Cindy."


"I, and many of my friends are held hostage on a planet that I do not think is too far from here."

Jane looked alarmed. “You’re very brave for escaping, Vivyra,” she said. She stood and looked back to Cindy, not realizing her hand was still in contact with the Orion’s. “She’s been through a lot, Cindy, but we’ve healed her injuries. She’ll be alright.”

Bec walked in just in time to hear the Orion woman say she was being held hostage. "Not to pry, but why were you and are your friends being held hostage?" She came to a stop beside Cindy as she spoke. "Oh, and I'm Bec, first officer and chief of security."

"Bec?" The Orion said. "Nice to meet you," she replied fluttering her eyelashes. "And yes, Jane, I was very brave. I had to break through all kinds of security and steal this shuttle to get away. To answer your question, Bec, I do not know why we are being held hostage."

Cindy blinked a few times. "How could you not know?"

"I just don't," Vivyra answered.

"There has to be a reason," Bec muttered aloud. "Did they say anything to you when they captured you?"

"When I was a child?" Vivyra asked confused.

“You’ve been captive since you were a child?” Jane asked softly, squeezing Vivyra’s hand again. “I don’t mean to be insensitive, but did they...hurt you?”

"Well, I did not know I was a captive at first," Vivyra hedged. "I thought I was at school. Me and all of my friends.... But then, we were told that we were never allowed to leave our planet...." Her chest breathed noticeably quicker as she started to relay the story. She gave a private smile to Jane.

Jane returned the smile. “Go on. You said it was a school? What were you learning to do?”

"What do you learn to do at school?" Vivyra asked stupified. "I learned math, Orion language skills, Federation standard, dancing, history, science...."

Jane gave a slight chuckle. “Of course, silly question. We’re just trying to figure out why you’d be held captive. You can’t think of anything that might’ve been unusual? Something that might explain why they were holding you?” She looked back at Cindy and Bec, looking confused.

"Did they give you a reason why you could not leave the planet?" Bec asked. Something was bothering her. She couldn't quite figure it out though, but something was off here. The woman's story just wasn't lining up to her and she felt like Vivyra was hiding something.

"No," Vivyra replied shaking her head. "I wish I knew. I'm sorry, Bec. I just know that they were anxious to get me back once I escaped."

Jane once again gently patted the Orion’s hand. “Vivyra, I’d like to discuss some things with Cindy and Bec. You’re safe here, okay? I’ll be right back,” She released her hand and gestured towards her office.

"OK," Vivyra replied submissively, smiling warmly at Jane.

When the three officers entered Jane’s office and the door closed behind them, Jane looked to her superiors. “Her injuries are consistent with the escape attempt. I haven’t found anything that explains why she’s been held captive, though I can keep looking. As for whether she’s telling us the whole truth, that I don’t know. I’m inclined to believe her, though.”

"It does seem unlikely that she would fake all of this," Cindy replied, wondering what she should do about this entire situation. "Though, there's the matter of amnesty. Has anyone seen anyone else coming after her? Any communications whatsoever?"

"This is the issue I have with all of this," Bec said, leaning against the wall. "From what we know of Orions, they don't act like this. They don't blow themselves up and are more keen on taking slaves than destroying escapees. I can't put my finger on it, but something just isn't right with this. Why would they blow themselves up? Why hasn't anyone else come looking for her?"

"I don't know. And why a school?" Cindy asked. "So, what do we do?"

“She’s healthy, now that she’s received treatment,” Jane said. “I will continue scanning. I’m sure I can come up with reasons for more tests. Starfleet regulations and what-not.” She thought a moment further. “My recommendation? Grant provisional amnesty, until we’re done sorting this out. In the meantime, I’ll be responsible for her.”

"Are you sure you want to do that, Jane?" Bec asked, eyeing the doctor. "I don't trust this, but I will go with your decision, Cindy. I can't find anything other than a few red flags in her story, but with no proof, I can't say they didn't actually happen."

Cindy sighed. "Welllllll," Cindy started, stretching out the word while coming to a final decision. "She does seem to be comfortable with Jane, so we'll get her some quarters in the VIP area. Jane can show her around. After that, I suppose we get back on our mission, though I have a nagging feeling we should try to find wherever she claims that planet might be."

Jane nodded. “Understood, Cindy. I’ll talk to her and make arrangements for her quarters. Anything else before I see to my patient?”

Bec shrugged. "Probably will give us more information if we find where she was held, and see if any of the others she mentioned are still alive," she said. Turning to Jane, Bec wanted to say so many things, but couldn't. She did care for the Doctor, but what right did Bec have to demand she not do this? Or that she be overly cautious with this strange woman. Gut feelings aside, she had nothing to prove this was a mistake. So, in the end, she just stood there, searching Jane's face for something, concern etched onto her own face.

Jane smiled at Bec, registering the concern on her face. "I'll try to get some information about where she was held. She must know something of the planet. Even the climate is something to go on, or how long she was fleeing for, could help." She walked past Cindy and Bec toward the door to her office. She stopped close to Bec and briefly squeezed the XO's hand. "Hey, I'll be okay," she said softly. "And I have you to help me if things go wrong."

Bec gave Jane a rare on duty smile, a true smile, and gave the doctor's hand a squeeze too. "I know, but as both Chief Security and First officer, it's my job to voice concerns and look out for the crew."

Jane let go of Bec's hand, quickly nodded to Cindy, and stepped back out of her office. She walked towards Vivyra, still on the biobed. "Hey, there," she said with a soft voice and smile.

Cindy raised her eyebrows at Jane and Bec but she left without further adieu. She silently wondered if she was the only person on this ship that was not getting any sort of action. Then again, could a Captain really afford it? She wondered what Phil would say in his stuff, stodgy way with his British accent. Probably something about duty and responsibility. She mused the situation as she passed the doctor and left her with Vivyra.

Left alone in Jane's office, Bec stood there for a moment, wondering what the hell was going on. Something utterly confused her and she wasn't sure what it was. To add to the confusion, she didn't like the fact that Jane was taking responsibility for the Orion woman. With a sigh, she left the office, stalked out of medbay and headed for her office to do some more research on Orion behaviour.


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