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Blue and Green (Part 1)

Posted on Wed Mar 13th, 2019 @ 3:04pm by Vivyra & Lieutenant Jane Sinclair MD, DVM

Mission: Mission 2 - Love ORION Mistaken
Location: Medbay
Timeline: 2261.223 0805

After her conversation with Cindy and Bec, Jane left her office and walked back through sickbay towards the lovely green woman in the biobed. Many questions still remained unanswered about this woman, but in time they’d find the answers they need. She stepped close and gently placed her hand on top of Vivyra’s. "Hey, there," she said with a soft voice and smile.

Vivyra shifted her balance where she was sitting and smiled happily. "Hi, again, Jane. Did you all have a nice meeting?" she asked curiously.

Jane couldn’t help but giggle at Vivyra’s happy tone. “Yes it was,” she answered. “We need to sort a few things out, like where you came from and why you were being held. But until we figure everything out, the Captain has granted you amnesty. I’m going to find some quarters for you to stay in, and some clothes to wear. We won’t make you stay in that surgical gown.” She couldn’t help but smile as she talked to Vivyra.

"I've told you everything that I know," Vivyra told Jane pleadingly. Her eyes grew larger as she emphasized her sincerity. "But I do appreciate you getting me some clothes. This gown seems so stifling," she told Jane. "And quarters would be nice. How many beings will be with me?" she asked curiously.

“Oh, I know you’ve told us everything,” Jane said, reassuringly. “But once you’ve had more time to rest, you might think of some more details. We won’t talk any more on it today.” She looked around the room a moment until her eyes fell on what she was thinking of. “One second.” She moved away from Vivyra, but kept talking. She walked towards the cabinet on a nearby wall, opened it, and began looking inside. “As for quarters, you actually don’t have to share them at all. Our best quarters are completely private. Ah, here we are.” She reached in and pulled out some scrubs, normally used for medical staff going into surgery, but for now they were a pair of pants and a top that Vivyra could wear until she could get to the storeroom. The scrubs were the same shade of blue that Jane wore. She walked back to the biobed with the clothes. “Here, you can get dressed into these. Later, we’ll find something nicer for you.”

"Whole quarters to myself?" Vivyra asked, her eyes growing very large. "I...I..." she started before starting to cry. She took the clothes and looked at them dumbly.

Jane’s eyes went wide and she put both of her hands on Vivyra’s. “Oh, honey, what’s wrong? I thought you’d like having your own space.”

"I've never been alone, not that I can remember. I'm scared!" Vivyra replied, now starting to have the tears fall freely. "And you're just soooo nice. Will you stay with me?"

Jane thought for a moment. It might be inappropriate, but she also needed to make sure their guest was happy and comfortable. “Well,” she said, “maybe I can stay in your quarters. There should be space for me to set up a cot or something. And as for clothes...let’s stop at my quarters on the way to yours. We’re about the same size. Maybe you’ll like one or two things I have. Did you want to wear these to get there? The gown doesn’t exactly cover your back.”

"I would like it if you stayed in my quarters," Vivyra said honestly. "It would make me feel like things more at home," she admitted. "You'll stay in my bed. Hold me, right?" she asked hopefully. "As to the clothes, I feel like I have too much on the front and not enough at the back. I would not mind seeing what you have."

Jane grinned. “Put these on,” she said, gesturing to the scrubs. “They’ll cover you before we find nicer things. You can change in my office, where there’s more privacy. As for sleeping arrangements...we’ll talk about that tonight, okay?”

"OK," Vivyra agreed. "Tonight." Vivyra then did as she was told, heading into Jane's office to change into the scrubs.

Jane stayed outside as the door closed behind Vivyra, giving the girl some privacy. Her computer was locked; there was little harm the girl could do in there, and the Orion had been through enough that she didn't want to make her change in front of other people. Besides, Jane was pretty sure Vivyra would be attached to her for a while. After enough time had elapsed, Jane chimed the door. "Are you ready?"

Vivyra came out wearing the scrubs. They fit loosely on her. She kept looking at herself in the light blue, non-form fitting clothing and said, "How do you wear this? It is" she asked Jane. "I hope you have something better, but yes, I am ready."

Jane laughed a bit at her description of the clothes. “They are a bit that. But they’re meant to cover when I operate on someone, not flatter. I’ve got nicer things. Come on, then!” She held her hand out to Vivyra. “My Quarters are five decks up, so we’ll take the lift.”

Vivyra took Jane's hand. It was a very comfortable feeling. There was a warmth to it, as if they had known each other for a long time. "Take me wherever," Vivyra replied smiling into Jane's eyes.

The two walked hand in hand to the turbolift and took it up to Deck 3. Jane’s quarters were not far from the lift. Within moments, they were in her room. “Have a seat,” Jane said. “Make yourself comfortable. There’s a water dispenser and cups over there.” She pointed to her small kitchenette. She went into the bedroom and began rummaging through her closet for civilian clothes. She began making a pile on the bed of clothes Vivyra might like. “Can you come in here? I have some things to show you.”

Vivyra started looking around the room with awe. "This is all yours?" She then looked at the clothes. "And these too? Whatever do you need so much stuff for?"

“Well, as a senior officer aboard Legacy, I’m allowed bigger quarters and extra amenities,” Jane explained. “As for the clothes, well, sometimes I like to look nice in different outfits. It makes me feel nice.” She smiled widely. “It also means I can afford to share a bit. If nothing tickles your fancy we can also talk to ship stores and see if they have anything. Maybe a variant of our uniform without rank markings.”

"What species are you that you have blue hair?" Vivyra asked. "I did not learn that humans have blue hair and you seem human to me." She tentatively started sorting through Jane's clothing. "A variant of your uniforms? Even Cindy's uniform seemed very bulky," she told Jane.

Jane couldn't help but laugh at that. Cindy's uniform was arguably the most revealing one the ship. Her long legs make the skirt feel much shorter than regulation (not that anyone complained). But if Vivyra found that bulky, then her prospects might be limited. Jane enjoyed showing skin on occasion, but she didn't own that much that Vivyra wouldn't consider 'bulky.' A couple of dresses. Workout clothes. Her swimsuit. Some lingerie she preferred to keep off the table. There wasn't much in her wardrobe that contained less cloth than a miniskirt uniform and was also appropriate to wear in the corridors.

"First, I'm human," Jane clarified. "I dye my hair this way. As a younger woman I changed hair colour every few weeks, and never anything natural. Blue, purple, pink, green, neon yellow, fire red. As I got older I found I preferred the blue. And it looks good with my uniform, no?" She teased her hair and jokingly posed like a model.

Vivyra moved up to Jane and took her arms and hips and then manipulated them a bit and said, "That's the way to do it. Much better for attention."

Jane giggled as Vivyra changed her pose. This girl is fun!

"Second," Jane continued, trying to be serious again but not exactly succeeding, "I'm not sure what I have that's less bulky than a woman's uniform. But my non-uniform clothes are here, or in the dresser. I'm going to finish making arrangements for your quarters." She left the bedroom area and hunched, still standing, over a computer terminal to work the room reservation system. Her skirt had a tendency to ride up when she stood like this, but she barely noticed this time. Within moments, a room on deck 6 had been reserved for Vivyra. Access permissions for it had been granted for her. Someone from the supply department would bring in a cot or a more comfortable couch so that Jane could sleep there, too. "Found anything you like in there?" Jane called to Vivyra.

Vivyra came out and was wearing one of Jane's bikinis. "I think that this will do," she replied simply.

Jane coughed a moment as she saw Vivyra, shocked by what she saw. On the one hand, this wasn’t what Jane had in mind. On the other hand, the Orion looked ravishing in the small red two-piece. “Sweetie,” she said, standing up straight and walking to Vivyra, “I was thinking at least slightly more fabric on it. This is actually for swimming. Here, let’s go take another look, yeah?”

Walking back to the bed, she stopped in her tracks. “Wait. Hang on. I’m sorry. I think the first thing I should’ve asked is what sort of clothes you usually wear. I don’t think it would be appropriate to wear that outside of the swimming pool, but I should be more sensitive to what you usually wear. I’m sure there’s a middle ground we can reach. So what do you normally wear back home?”

Vivyra looked confused at Jane. "Why would you swim with clothing on? Wouldn't that weigh you down and make it more difficult to swim? Wouldn't the fabric rub uncomfortably? You humans have an interesting way of doing things.... As it is, I feel like I'm restricted in this garb. Clothes should let your skin breathe and be as open as possible. It is only a means of protecting more sensitive areas of skin."

"We humans tend to want to...hide certain parts of us from most people, and everyone while in public," Jane explained. "So we cover some parts, even while swimming, for modesty. But you're right, it can be nice to go without. There was this private beach on Earth that I'd go to with some friends..." Jane smiled nostalgically at the memory, but let the sentence go unfinished. "Anyway, I have an idea that should work." She went back to the bed and found her gym clothes: a simple gray tank top and shorts. "They're not the prettiest things I own, but they'll cover, protect, and not be too restrictive."

"Why would you want to hide your beauty?" Vivyra asked confused. "I knew that I read about this but I could not believe that any culture would act like this." She frowned at the gym clothes and said, "I suppose if I am to be given amnesty and live amongst Terrans that I should learn to suffer like one." She started to pull off the swim suit top in front of Jane.

Jane was going to suggest that she undress in private, but decided against it. Much as Vivyra would need to adapt to a more restrictive dress environment on Legacy, so too would Jane adapt to Vivyra’s way of life. And she could not foresee a day where she asked a beautiful woman to not undress in front of her. Wait, is she still my patient? Jane thought. Then she dismissed the notion. No, we discharged her from sickbay. Now I need to be hospitable. So found a seat and permitted the young woman to change. “When you’re finished, I can bring you to your quarters right away, or I can give you a tour of the ship. Maybe there’s something fun on board you’d like to do?”

Vivyra took the bikini bottom off, leaving her naked as the day she was born. Each of her breasts were about the size of an orange and her nipples were short but perky. Her figure was practically a perfect hourglass. Below her waist, she had neatly trimmed black pubic hair. She took the gray tank top, frowned at it but put it on. She repeated the procedure for the shorts. "Fun on board?" she asked curiously. "What kind of fun?"

Jane couldn’t help but admire Vivyra’s body as she changed. What’s gotten into me? she thought to herself. But she didn’t act on the thought and just watched. “Well, we are meant to be out here for years, so to make sure we don’t go crazy there are a few things on board for fun. Workout rooms, rooms for playing different sports like racquetball or basketball. There’s a swimming pool with hot tubs, which I love. There’s a lounge where people can have a drink and be social. If I want to have fun, I’m either having a drink in the lounge with friends, swimming in the pool, cooking in the galley, or playing piano in the music room.”

"You're meant to be out here for years? So, I will not feel grass under my feet or an ocean beneath me?" Vivyra replied sadly. "I am glad to hear that you like to swim. I like to swim too but, where would we swim? Do you carry a lake? Or did you manufacture one?"

“To your first point, we stop at planets sometimes,” Jane assured her. “I couldn’t live away from the grass or the fields for that long either. We do planetary surveys. Sometimes we stop at frontier colonies, too. To your second point, we have a pool. Think of it like a lake we brought with us. Only clean, and crystal clear. And heated to the right temperature. Why don’t I give you a tour, and this evening we check out the pool?” She held out her hand to Vivyra.

"Would your ship stop at my planet? Could they take my friends here, too? Give them amnesty?" she asked as she took Vivyra's hand.

“I can bring it up with the Captain, though a bit more information might help. Do you have the coordinates?”

"I don't," Vivyra replied sadly. "Maybe if I still had the ship...."

Jane shook her head. “Your ship was destroyed. But I’ll talk to Bec. Maybe we recovered something.”

"OK," Vivyra responded, waiting to be led out.

“Hang on, let me check something first.” Jane briefly let go of Vivyra’s hand and went back to her computer. She inputted a command to order that the pool be closed for two hours in the evening for a private function. “Okay, now we can go.”

"OK," Vivyra said happily. "May I ask what it was that you just did?"

“Well, you said that you were uncomfortable with the idea of swimming in a swimsuit,” Jane explained. “So at nineteen hundred hours, after dinner, the pool will be for just you and me. That way, you can swim as you like. Nobody will be the least bit uncomfortable.”

"People would be uncomfortable swimming as their creator intended?" Vivyra asked perplexed. "Why would that be? And why are you not uncomfortable? What's the difference?"

“Just the way people were raised, I guess,” Jane tried to explain. “As for me, I probably would be uncomfortable if anyone could just walk in. But privately? Just the two of us? I think I would be just fine.”

"Why would you be uncomfortable if anyone walked in? Do you not approve of being naked?"

Jane had to really think about her answer. “It’s not that I don’t approve. Far from it! But being naked with someone else, that person usually needs to be special. Most humans feel that way. It’s a vulnerable feeling. But you make some good points, which is why this evening I’m going to swim naked with you. Push my limits. But the door will be locked.”

"Be special? In what way? Are you not human?" Vivyra asked somewhat confused.

"No, I told you, I'm human, silly," Jane answered. "Special as in...special. It's hard to explain, I guess. Someone you really like spending time with. That you maybe have romantic feelings for. Or have sexual attraction towards."

"I have sexual attraction to you," she replied simply. "So, I guess that makes it OK, then?"

Jane smiled and looked away, blushing. “That, ah, does make it okay.”


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