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Happy Endings

Posted on Wed Apr 3rd, 2019 @ 8:20pm by Commander Cynthia Jackson & Lieutenant Jane Sinclair MD, DVM

Mission: Mission 2 - Love ORION Mistaken
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: 2261.221 1555

Jane was early to Cindy's quarters. A medical bag in hand, a few towels draped over her shoulder, and wearing a plain short-sleeve shirt and a pair of comfortable shorts, hair tied behind her head in a ponytail, she chimed the door of the Captain's quarters. Though outwardly she was simply waiting patiently for the door to open, inside her heart was trying to escape from her chest.

Cindy replied, "Come on in!" when the chime rang. As Jane walked into the room, Cindy came out of the bathroom, her hair wrapped in one towel, her chest in another, and another hung from her waist to a point lower than her uniform skirt. Remembering her manners from the botched ones last night, Cindy quickly rushed to Jane and embraced her tightly. "Glad you could come," Cindy told Jane.

Jane blushed as the nearly naked beauty embraced her, especially since head was level with the top of Cindy’s impressive breasts. She returned the tight hug and melted a bit into Cindy. “Glad to have someone to practice on! Do you have a little table I can bring near the bed and put my things on?” She remained comfortable in the embrace.

"I have a couple of nightstands in my bedroom. Will that suffice?" she asked gleefully.

“Should work,” Jane answered. “I’ll go set up.” Or we can just stay here like this a moment. I’m okay with that, too. “Also, I brought both a scented and an unscented massage oils. Not everyone loves the scented kind. The one I brought is lavender. Which would you like?”

"Oooh!" Cindy squealed. "Lavender would be great! I might actually smell like a girl for a change." She scolded Jane as she let go of her. "Don't ever tell anyone that I occasionally can get girly."

“Your secret is safe with me,” Jane solemnly swore, nodding. She smiled and walked over to the bed. She lay one large, dry towel over the duvet, which would keep her beddings dry. She then took a smaller one, rolled it tight and made a half-circle with it near one end. “So why don’t you strip down, lie on the towel, and put your face in there?” She passed another dry towel to Cindy. “Use this to cover up as you like. Just make sure I have access to your back and legs.”

"Strip down?" Cindy asked with a laugh. "Do you think I'm wearing clothes under these towels?" She broke the hug and asked, "Would you like me to take the towel off from around my waist when I lay down or do you want it to stay on?" She looked at it, with a small frown. "It is probably a bit large," she decided. "I'll take it all off when I lay on the towel."

Leaving her towel on her head, she laid as flat as she could on her belly and untied the knots that kept the towels on her breasts and her waist. "Feel free to throw those on the floor. I will get to them later."

Jane froze as she saw Cindy, naked save for the towel on her head, lying face down before her. She hesitantly stepped forward and grabbed the towels, pulling them clear and throwing them aside. She then moved a nightstand closer to where she wanted to work and unpacked her bag onto it. A few bottles of oils and lotions were at the ready.

She took a deep breath and got out the lavender-scented oil. She put a large amount in her hand, letting it warm before she started touching Cindy’s back. She spread the oil by gently running her hands from the small of her back up to her shoulders, keeping to either side of her spine. She went down her arms and to the back of her neck, and even a bit down her sides, though a bit cautiously. She didn’t want to end the night prematurely by making the Captain think she was getting fresh. Even if she really wanted to. She’d wait to see how the night played out.

The Captain's skin was soft but it was toned and tight. It was blatantly obvious that there was not much fat to be found on Cindy. She kept in top physical shape, so there was not a lot of give. She did not move, choosing to enjoy the sensations. "That is a nice lavender," Cindy told Jane. "And it is wonderful that you have such warm hands."

“I know more than one woman who would agree, Cindy,” Jane said with a stupid grin on her face, remembering her nights with Bec and her relationship with Cassandra before that. She reapplied oil to her hands and moved down Cindy’s body, rubbing it onto her thighs and calves.

"More than one woman?" Cindy asked curiously. "So you give a lot of massages to women, then?"

How best to explain this? “Cindy, remember when you told me about the man who cooked for you? How he got you in a few compromising positions? I think those were your words.” She smiled. “Let’s just say I wasn’t talking about massages just then. As for numbers or names, I prefer not to kiss and tell.” Cindy didn’t need to know about her nights with Bec.

Cindy giggled at that. "Well, that's fine, though, the stories are usually a lot of fun." She shrugged which caused her shoulders to momentarily tighten and then release. "Up to you, though. I won't press."

"Well, I don't want to speak of anyone on the ship," Jane said, "buuuuut suffice to say I've been having fun here!" She worked her way back to Cindy's back, applying more oil onto her hands and working it into Cindy's shoulders. "On my last assignment, USS Pascal, I had a girlfriend named Cassandra Reyes. She was an engineer. Over the months we were together, she, ah, learned exactly what words to say and where to touch to get me to melt into her. And the look on her face when I would..." she trailed off, forgetting what was appropriate here. "We broke it off when I got my new assignment. We didn't want to do the long distance thing. We still write sometimes though. I think she's doing well. Are you getting warm? I'm finding it very warm all of a sudden."

"Speak of anyone on the ship?" Cindy asked more interested. "Maybe I should be reading the Ticker Tape more often," she told Jane. "I am sorry about you and Cassandra, though."

“It’s fine, but thank you,” said Jane. “As for on this ship? Well...she and I were fairly sure you knew already, but I’ve been seeing Bec.” She smiled widely, her happiness mentioning Bec coming through her eyes. “We met in the lounge, went to the music room, ended way better than I thought!” She paused a moment, stopping the massage. “Wait. Now that I’m Second Officer, is that relationship inappropriate? Please say no, Cindy!”

Cindy blinked a couple of times. She had been sure that Bec had been with Neza and someone else but Jane? Maybe it was time for another talk with Bec. She did not want to contain Bec's relationships but it could be a concern to have people thinking they could get to her or Cindy by going between Bec's legs. Even so, Starfleet did not have regulations against dating. "Of course it is not inappropriate," Cindy replied as if it was obvious.

Should I say anything about what Bec is doing? Of course, I suppose Neza and Haas are an item now, so.... "If you're happy, I'm happy," Cindy replied genuinely.

Jane breathed a sigh of relief. "I don't know what she and I have...but I like it." She continued to work. She took one of Cindy's hands -- the one closest to the edge of the bed -- and began massaging her wrist, palm, and fingers. "I'll be honest, this is one of the nicer massages, in my opinion. Hands are often neglected, but we use them for everything." After finishing with the one hand, she climbed into the bed and knelt next to Cindy, taking the other hand and repeating the procedure. "A massage oft he back, shoulders, and legs is always nice after a workout, but it's these little ones, like the hands and the face, that I think feel the best."

Cindy gave a small moan of pleasure when Jane massaged her hands. She purred, "You can do this to me anytime. I might just fall asleep like this...."

Jane smiled widely. Regardless of her feelings, regardless of the stirrings Cindy’s purr brought in her, it was just as nice to know she was doing a good job. “Let me know if you want a face massage, too. But you’ll need to roll over for it.”

"Sure thing," Cindy replied. "You're the boss." With great reluctance to move, Cindy finally extracted herself from the pillow and turned over, revealing her perky, firm breasts and her well manicured light blonde pubic hair that was sculpted into a "v." Given the lighting, the hair could easily have been missed. Her abdomen was flat and toned. Muscles were easily visible but were not so muscular to give Cindy a masculine looking stomach.

"Should my eyes be open or closed?" Cindy asked.

“Cl-close them!” Jane said nervously. “Do you want me to cover you up at all?” She got off the bed and moved to where Cindy’s head was, ready to get towels if need be. “You don’t need to. But you might be cold! Yeah, cold!”

Happily, Cindy closed them. "Cover me up? Why? You're a woman. I'm a woman. It is not as if you have not seen female parts before. You're a doctor. Aside from that, your hands are warm and the room has a pleasant temperature. I'm quite fine." Sudden realization hit Cindy. "You're not embarrassed by me, are you?"

“No, of course not!” Jane quickly replied. She laughed nervously. “You have nothing to be embarrassed by!” She wiped her hands on her increasingly-uncomfortable shorts, to remove the excess lavender oil, and started running her hands along Cindy’s jawline, ending by making a circular motion with each hand where her jaw met her head. “A lot of people keep tension right here. I find this very soothing.” As she continued this massage, she found herself beginning to very softly sing. Her words weren't audible, but the melody and sadness to it were unmistakable.

While Cindy was enjoying the massage, she found it difficult to talk to inquire into the tune. As a consequence, the words came out "wwwwaaaaazzzz dddddattt?"

"It's a piece I've been practising lately," Jane answered. "It's actually what Gente walked in on my playing, and crying to, a couple of weeks ago. I've had a hard time getting it out of my head, so I've been singing it to myself for a while now. I'm sure Alec and T'Kal and the rest of my medical staff are over it by now." She moved her hands to gently massage Cindy's temples and hairline.

"I've been here before
But always hit the floor
I've spent a lifetime running, and I always get away
But with you I'm feeling something, that makes me want to stay

I'm prepared for this
I never shoot to miss
But I feel like a storm is coming, If I'm gonna make it through the day
Then there's no more use in running, This is something I gotta face

If I risk it all
Could you break my fall?

"Mmmmm," Cindy cooed as she enjoyed the massage.

Jane shifted to massaging Cindy's scalp, running her fingers through the Captain's hair. Freshly clean and dry, her fingers easily found their way through. Her voice jumped quite a bit higher in pitch for the chorus.

"How do I live? How do I breathe?
When you're not here I'm suffocating
I want to feel love, run through my blood
Tell me is this where I give it all up?
For you I have to risk it all
'Cause the writing's on the wall

"What's that from, Jane? What possessed you to sing that particular song?"

“It’s from an album I found just before we left Earth,” Jane said. “Theme songs from a series of movies about a famous spy. As for why I’ve been singing that one...I still can’t t explain it. Those weird feelings of déjà vu we’ve been having have left me in a funk. I’ve had nothing but songs with sad melodies or lyrics in my head. I can’t explain it.”

"Huh!" Cindy answered. "Maybe we need a shipwide checkup."

Jane nodded. “I’ll start looking into this.” She began massaging Cindy’s biceps and shoulders. “The problem is I’m not sure what to even look for. I’ve taken brain scans of many crew since we left, and I’ve not noticed anything unusual. Without a basic idea of what to look for, I’m not sure the scans would reveal much. But we’ll start working on it in the morning.”

"Maybe," Cindy answered simply. "Or maybe we are just simply being overly worried mother hens. I do not think we should be invading people's privacy when we have nothing more to go on, do you?"

Jane nodded. “I can do some initial research at least. Nothing intrusive. Closer looks at the data from brain scans of people who come in for other reasons. I can look at the medical literature to see if there have been similar reports studied elsewhere.” She moved away from Cindy’s head and moved to her feet. “I’m going to touch your feet now, okay?” She began applying the massage oil to the feet before her, applying pressure in particular to the arches.

Cindy's feet and ankles were rocks. It was evident that Cindy used them a great deal for her activities. The moment that Jane put pressure on Cindy's arches, Cindy bellowed, "Ohhhhhh! That feels soooooo good." Her back arched slightly and she squirmed on the bed, pleasure taking hold of her.

Jane smiled and blushed again as she apparently gave Cindy such pleasure. She wondered if she should make a move. She'd mentioned being with men before...was she straight, or did she have a chance? It was an amusing question to consider as Jane had the gorgeous woman writhed under her touch. She worked massage oil to Cindy's instep, ankle, and heel, hoping to overwhelm Cindy with an onslaught of pleasure.

Cindy "oooh"ed and "Aaaahhhh"ed with nearly every touch as waves of pleasure trailed up her body. "This is wonderful, Jane," she finally got out while squirming.

Jane switched to Cindy’s other foot, again working into the arch, followed by the heel, instep and ankle. She realized just how aroused she was as Cindy squirmed. “I’ll be honest, Cindy, I’m getting a bit warm and sweaty from this. When this is over I’m going to need a shower. Can I borrow yours? It looks nicer than mine,” she added, looking through the open door into the Captain’s bathroom. "I actually brought my change of clothes with me, in the bottom of my bag, thinking I might need to go directly to poker night from your quarters." Plus, she thought, it's always good to bring a change of clothes if you think there's a chance you'll be staying a while...

"Oh, shoot!" Cindy replied, sitting straight up. "I completely forgot about the poker game." Completely distracted by the social event, Cindy continued, "Yes, yes, you can shower here. It is the least that I can do for this wonderful massage. Though, if I play badly, I'm blaming you, you know that, right?" Cindy beamed at Jane.

“Well,” Jane said teasingly, testing the waters, “if you’re worried about playing badly, we could stay here, and I could keep doing this, all night.” She gave Cindy a wicked smile and applied more pressure to her arch, driving home that it wasn’t the worst idea ever.

"Ohhhh!" Cindy exclaimed pleasurably. "You're a naughty one, Jane!" She shook her head. "Oh, God, I wish you could do that to me all night! However, I can't disappoint everyone. I promised. We really need to get ready."

Jane’s smile went from wicked to simply polite. “Sounds fair.” She slowly placed Cindy’s foot back on the mattress and let go. “Thank you for letting me practice on you, Cindy. And I’m glad to know you like a foot massage. Maybe sometime down the line, we give each other pedicures?” And see where that leads? “I’ll go take that shower now.”

She grabbed her bag and went into the restroom. It was more spacious than her own. The shower stall was bigger, so she wouldn’t bump her elbows into the transparent sides. And was that a removable, extendable shower head?

Removing her clothes, she set the water to a nice, hot temperature and stepped in. She let the stream of heat cascade down her body. After a moment of relaxation she found the shampoo and shower gel and quickly washed first her blue hair and then the rest of her. As her hands ran across her body she realized just how riled up Cindy had gotten her. The Captain was incredibly sexy, with a body to die for. And those sounds and the look on her face as she writhed under Jane’s touch... Jane grabbed the shower head and started making sure she was...particularly clean. Partway through she realized that she might be making noise, but by then it was too late. She was too far gone.

Cindy, in the meantime, had been toweling the oil off of her. She felt incredibly relaxed, more than any time in the recent past. Waiting for Jane to get done in her shower, she grabbed a glass of water and started to drink it. The water was refreshing and helped to start rehydrating herself from the toxins that were massaged out.

As she drank her water, she heard moaning coming from the shower. Hm. Jane must have found just the right temperature, she reasoned. However, the noises continue to go and Cindy worried that Jane might be in some sort of pain. She knocked on the door. "Is everything alright in there?"

Luckily for Jane, she went completely silent as her body crested the wave of pleasure. Her knees wobbled and she leaned against the wall of the shower for support. She caught her breath as the indescribable feelings subsided. She knew the Captain might come in though and see her like this if she waited too long to respond. “I’m okay!” she yelled back. “I’ll just be a moment!”

"Are you sure that you're alright?" Cindy asked worried. "I heard some noises that sounded like you might be in distress."

Jane gently laughed and she turned off the water. “No, I’m fine, thank you. The water was just really nice. Perfect temperature. Yeah.” She looked out from the shower into the washroom and realized that she’d made a critical mistake. “Umm, Cindy? I forgot to grab myself a towel.”

"Oh, not a problem! Hang on!" Cindy ran into her dresser and pulled one a white one out. She rushed it to Jane. "There you go!" she told Jane.

Jane hadn't thought it all the way through. The door to the bathroom opened revealing Jane in the same state of undress as Cindy had been during the massage. But Cindy didn’t seem the least bit bothered by Jane’s nudity, so why should Jane be? It was no different than if they were in the changerooms in the gym or pool. She smiled and took the towel. “Much obliged,” she said, wrapping it around herself and beginning to get dry. “I’m looking forward to tonight. I don’t think we’ve ever all socialized together like this before.”

"No, we haven't," Cindy answered simply. "I don't know why I never thought to do it," she chided herself. "This seems like such a good team building exercise. And, after all that we went through on the last mission, this probably is much needed."

Jane nodded as she toweled herself off, paying particular attention to her hair. “I’m glad to say I’ve made some good friends aboard the ship so far, among the senior staff and on my team. On my last ship, I had a few close friends but aside from my girlfriend and my mentor people didn’t really like to socialize.” She laughed. “On Vega, everyone was friends with everyone else, and dinner parties were common. It felt strange to have people want to keep to themselves. Glad people are friendlier here.” Satisfied with her dry state, she began getting dressed.

"I like keeping a team feeling here on the ship. After all, we are all in this together, right? We have to rely on ourselves."

“Couldn’t have said it better myself, Cindy,” Jane replied as she finished getting dressed. She wore a red top with long sleeves that hugged her figure and a black skirt that stopped about two-thirds the way down her thighs. Her work boots went with the outfit, and while she liked looking nice, she didn’t care much about shoes. “How do I look?” she said, looking at Cindy.

"A bit odd," Cindy had to admit. "Work boots with that outfit...? I'm not a fashion diva, but I don't think that works." She thought for a moment and said, "I probably should shower these oils off, as pleasant as they might be." She stretched laboriously. "I wouldn't want to get them on my clothes when I dress. I don't even really know what to wear."

Jane looked self consciously at her shoes now. She kicked them off and looked at Cindy’s feet. Damn. Given the Captain’s Amazonian stature, it was too much to hope that they’d have similarly-sized feet. “I’ll return to my room real quick to change shoes while you shower. Then I can help you pick something if you want? Or I can meet you at Steffan’s?”

"It is up to you," Cindy said with a shrug. "I'm pretty easy."

“I’ll meet you there, then,” Jane said. “Oh, one last thing before I go. Can I ask Gente to install one of those extendable shower heads in my quarters? That was just...I want one.” She smiled sheepishly and blushed.

"Ask him what you will," Cindy replied with a giggle. "As long as it does not take away from our necessary tasks, what you two do with your free time is none of my business."

"Oi!" Jane exclaimed with a smile on her face. "It's not like that! I'm asking because I'd be using parts from stores and making my quarters a bit more luxurious. There was a chance you'd not want me to use ship's resources like that. Gente's a friend and I'm sure he'd help if I asked politely, but he and I would be irresponsible if I just assumed we could raid the machine room for parts."

"If there are extras, then it is fine by me," Cindy replied with a small giggle. "Now, get, you! We don't want to be late for the poker!"

"See you soon!" Jane sauntered out of Cindy's quarters, dressed for a fun night out, aside from her shoes. She'd swing past her quarters to find something nicer. Even a pair of black wedges should be fine. She normally found her boots comfortable and wore them wherever, but she trusted Cindy's judgment. So she would change and go to Steffan's, eager to play cards with her crewmates. Nay, her friends.


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