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A Little Out of Hand?

Posted on Sun Mar 24th, 2019 @ 12:38pm by Lieutenant JG Neza Glenn & Lieutenant Steffan Haas

Mission: Mission 2 - Love ORION Mistaken
Location: Haas' Quarters
Timeline: 2261.222 2030

Ever since her promotion, Neza had moved to quarters she didn't share with anyone, started to move things into the chief science office, worked on the science team schedule, and a multitude of other things. Most nights were relaxing, as long as she didn't try to work through dinner. Tonight, she finally didn't have to. Instead, she'd decided to go see Steffan.

Slipping into comfortable clothes, nothing too special, she made her way down the corridor to his quarters and pressed the chime, hoping to surprise him with showing up.

Steffan was surprised when his door chime went off, he wasn’t expecting anyone. He placed the book he was reading down and grabbed his shirt to throw on as he didn’t want to offend anyone answering the door with a bare chest. He approached the door and pressed the button to open the door. “Neza.” He said with a smile. “This is a surprise I wasn’t expecting to see you tonight. Please, come in.”

Stepping inside, she shrugged, “Wasn’t sure if you could use some company. I wasn’t doing anything and figured I’d see if...I could come over here.” She gently kissed his lips before pulling back, “I hope that’s alright.”

Stef smirked before returning the kiss. “Of course. My quarters are your quarters.”

"That could be taken so many different ways, Stef." She said with a grin before wrapping her arms around his neck. "Missed you, you know." Granted, she'd seen him on the bridge, but the statement still stood.

“I missed you too. Is it to soon to ask the Captain for us to have quarters together?” He replied as he scooped her off of her feet and walked over to the sofa with her.

Neza laughed as she was scooped up. “Maybe a bit, but we rarely are not sleeping in the same quarters except the odd night.”

“Exactly my point.” He said as he sat down placing Nez on his lap, before kissing her deeply again. “Although, I’m not sure what the neighbors will think off our antics.” He said coming up for air.

Returning the kiss, she grinned. "Can't hear anything outside these walls anyways, Stef. Still not sure what the captain would think of the request..." She started to nibble on his neck very gently.

“We won’t know unless we make it.” Stef replied with a grin before kissing Neza again. “But perhaps it could wait until tomorrow.” He added with a chuckle before starting to nibble on her neck.

“You know what spot to hit,” Neza whispered as he started on her neck. “Yeah, it can wait until tomorrow...” her eyes closed slowly.

“I know several.” He said with smirk before he started to work Neza’s top off.

Unable to suppress a giggle, she pushed him back a little. "I didn't interrupt anything important, did I?"

“Does it matter if you did?” Stef replied before nibbling on Neza’s neck again.

"Mmm...maybe a little. But doesn't seem that I did," she managed to get out as he had figured out the spots to hit that drove her wild.

“If I’m honest, I can’t remember what I was doing anyway. Something came up.” He said breathing heavy in between kisses and nibbles.

Smirking, Neza pulled him back up and let her lips meet his before laying back on the couch, running her hands down along his arms.

Stef squeezed Neza’s ass before moving his hands up her back before undoing her bra as they continued to kiss.

Pulling away from the kiss slightly, she looked back into his eyes with a mischievous grin. "I just can't get enough of you, Stef..."

“Feel the same about you. I...I love you.” Haas said. “I love you, Neza Glenn.”

"I never get tired of hearing that," Neza said as she gave him a gentle kiss, likely the only gentle one there would be based on how she was feeling, "I love you, Steffan Haas." Before he could say another word, she grinned once more and pushed him down against the other end of the couch, climbing onto him.

Stef started to push down Nez’s pants as they kissed again. They’d made love plenty of times but this seemed different. More intense somehow. He squeezed her now bare ass and gave it a little slap.

Feeling the intensity of everything that was happening, she pinned his shoulders down against the couch before pulling away from the kiss, going after his neck as her hips began their dance.

Haas groaned with pleasure as Neza’s hips danced around his groin region. Feeling Neza’s lips on his neck drove him wild. He pushed Neza away enough to sit up before he picked her and walked her to the nearest wall. He kissed her passionately as she began to undo his trousers. Stef held up Neza by her thighs as he started on nibbling her neck again.

"Stef..." Neza managed to get out in a whisper as she was pressed against the wall. Reaching behind him, her fingers linked under the back of his shirt to start to pull it over his head, but she didn't want to nibbles on her neck to stop.

Haas allowed his shirt to be taken off before passionately kissing Neza again.

She was caught up in everything, and her heart was racing. Whatever had brought in this level of intensity, she had no idea, but she didn’t care. Her hands remaining on his back, she let her nails slide down.

Fade out...use your imagination!

Not even sure what time it was anymore, Neza did her best to catch her breath and looked over at Steffan, who was breathing heavily beside her. “Damn Stef...where did all this come from...”

Stef tried to get his own breath back. “I’m...not entirely...sure.” He said as he looked at Neza and smile. “ complaining?”

"Never," she said as she shifted to curl up in his arms, "I'd never complain..when I'm with you." She felt her eyes starting to droop, but the smile wasn't leaving her face.

“I think I used muscles I didn’t even know I had...” He said with he pulled Neza in tight.

Eyes finally closing, Neza started to drift off on his shoulder. "Uh huh," she managed to get out, though she completely agreed on the statement.

Stef smiled as he watched Nez drift off to sleep before doing the same.


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